Winning Mindset in Real Estate

Resilience has never been more important especially now after a calamity. Our ability to resist the impacts of stresses and adapt quickly to disruptions, such as the pandemic and the recent typhoon, can help us survive an economic slowdown and get through uncertainties. Having a winning mindset in real estate will help us adjust in the market and thrive.

Boris Cherniak, an author, speaker and motivator shares in the video on how to adapt through mindset. His experiences and lessons learned in overcoming obstacles are important for anyone struggling in their real estate career and personal life. The COVID lockdowns has led Boris to re-invent the services that he offered. And real estate professionals had to do the same. Even without the pandemic, real estate agents deal with rejections multiple times. The changes in the real estate market may mean frustration and stress. By changing how the way you think as real estate agents, you will be adapting a winning mindset for your business.

Boris imparted 3 ways to have a winning mindset:

  1. Take action
  2. Find your superpower
  3. Invest in yourself

Mindset is an important part of your success. Your resilience and winning mindset in dealing with problems will push you to greater heights in your professional and personal life.