Win Their Trust Without Saying a Word

As real estate agents, we meet a lot of people in our business. People will do business with us not only because they know or like us, but because they trust us. It is impossible to earn the trust of clients with words alone. People form positive or negative impression of you before you even start speaking. Getting people to trust you is the center of your business transaction. To win their trust without saying a word, use your body language with these techniques.

Give that big smile.

Make sure that you give that big smile that lets people know what you are genuinely interested in them. Make them feel that they can relax around you and that they are safe around you.

Smile when delivering a positive message.

Match your message with your expression and make others feel the encouragement, praise, compliment, or congratulations you gave with a smile. It’s not what you say but how you say it.

Make eye contact.

Studies show that people who do not make eye contact during conversations may seem less trustworthy. Hence, maintaining eye contact for at least 60-70% of your interaction goes a long way in making a person feel seen and appreciated that translates into more trust.

Mirror the speaker’s emotions with your face.

Show to the speaker that their words are having an emotional impact. You can do this by nodding or making appropriate expressions in response to the person you are listening to. If the speaker is talking about frustration, you can shake your head. Or by frowning when the speaker’s message is sad.

Have an upright posture

An upright posture shows that you are interested, confident, and ready to take part in and engage with the person you are speaking with. Keep an open posture as much as possible and refrain from putting your arms across.

Trust Specialist and Body Language Expert Pamela Barnum ended the video saying that sending the wrong signals or misreading the other person can hurt your chances of a successful transaction.