Video Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Previously, we talked about the importance of video marketing to boost the sales and performance of your real estate business. Videos can help you attract new clients and improve your social proof in this digital era. Here are some video ideas for real estate agents that can amplify your business.

Introduce Yourself as a Real Estate Agent

Clients would like to know who they will be working with. Creating videos about yourself is extremely important. It shouldn’t be about bragging as the best real estate agent, rather these should help you connect more on a personal level to your potential clients.

  • Tell about the services you offer
  • Mention your specializations and certifications and how these are significant
  • A day in your life
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • What do you like most about real estate
video marketing

Property listing videos

Virtual tours of homes are great but you need to update your marketing strategy to go beyond of what has been around. Check out these video ideas for your property listings.

  • Announce an upcoming open house
  • Neighborhood videos that are of general interest
  • About the home like the date it was built, beds, baths, etc.
  • Create a highlight reel of improvements and upgrades made to the home
  • Drone footage of the property, land, and area
  • HOA rules for the subdivision
  • Condo laws and regulations
  • How condo ownership works
  • Things that are allowed/not allowed such as parking in the street
  • Condo amenity tours such as gyms, pools, etc.
  • Community life and surrounding area

General Real Estate Topics

Help potential clients understand the real estate industry with videos that are beneficial to them:

  • Give an overview of the home buying process for first-time home buyers
  • Realtor tips videos for first-time home buyers and sellers
  • What to look for when buying a new home
  • What to look for in a real estate agent
  • What to look for when considering lenders
  • How to handle issues on the home inspection
  • Process for making offers
  • What typically happens at a closing
  • How to know if you are taking on a mortgage that you can actually afford
  • Share recent updates on the housing market
  • Share best home improvements for adding value to a home
  • Clips from an actual home inspection
  • Importance of homeowner’s insurance
  • How to decide how much space is best for you when buying a house

Other Real Estate Video Ideas

Be creative and explore other opportunities to create video content for your market:

  • Tell the story of a client you have helped
  • Celebration video when a home closes
  • Kitchen tours showcasing appliances and space
  • Downsizing 101
  • Upsizing 101
  • Tips for luxury home buyers
  • How to recognize red flags when looking for a home to buy
  • Best apps for buyers
  • Best apps for sellers
  • Safety guidelines and features
  • Local school system information
  • Who can make their home an Airbnb
  • How-to home repair videos
  • Videos showing local events
  • How to price your home to actually sell
  • Tips for moving across country
  • Story about a sale you are most proud of
  • Answer a comment or question from a previous video
  • Live Q and A sessions

Creating videos can be fun. Use this marketing strategy to generate leads, be exceptional among competitors, and exhibit your services and properties in a visually clear-cut way. Make sure to use local keywords from your area to improve your search ranking. Shoot, connect, and escalate your business!