Time Management Tips for Realtors

The Gallagher’s grand theory tells us that our world is the outcome of what we pay attention to. We all have 24 hours in a day. And what we spend most of our time daily expresses the things we value and how we manage our time. When we manage our time with mindfulness, we harvest its benefits: higher productivity, better task management, lower stress levels, and a better work-life balance. We can be masters of our time by following these time management tips for Realtors.

Use your mornings for MITs

Spend your mornings doing your Most Important Tasks or MITs. Take up the hard or most challenging tasks in the morning, accomplish it, and focus on other things. We have more energy in the morning so it is better to handle these when you are not worn out. Moreover, we get a sense of accomplishment when the most time consuming and enormous task is already out of our plates.

Use Timeboxing

Avoid multitasking. Instead of doing too many different things at the same time that divides your attention, use timeboxing. Timeboxing or blocking a schedule allows you to allot a certain time to do a certain task. This limit of time to complete a task may prevent you from getting distracted or procrastinating. This helps you focus on your task which increases the likelihood of a completion.

Group together similar tasks

Each task has different demands on our physical and mental faculties. When we hop from one task to another, it takes time and mental energy for us to adjust to the needs of the next task or project. Instead, batch similar tasks together. This would help us to prioritize our work and time in a structured way. Moreover, this helps us focus better to do the tasks quickly. Example, if you have a number of documents you need to personally file, batch them together in one go. Or you can batch your tasks of doing phone calls instead of doing them throughout the day.

Audit your time spent

To manage your time, you need to find out first where your time actually goes. The easiest way to keep track of your time is by using apps you can download on your mobile phones. Track everything you do for a week and then check the report of the app to find out which items are not making best use of your time. This report will help you identify and apply the needed adjustments on your schedule and strategy.

Discover your flow

Each of us has a unique specific time where we are at our most productive. Discovering your flow or your zone where your mind and body are in complete harmony to creativity and productivity will help you feel and perform better. When we are in the zone, we are at an optimal state to complete tasks and let our creative juices flowing.

Learn about the different time management principles

Continuously learn about different time management principles to find which one would best suit your personality and needs. Among the principles you can study are the Pareto Principle, ABCDE Method, and Pomodoro Technique.

Being mindful of our time and how we use them will assist us in growing our personal lives and our real estate business. Don’t waste your time and start working on managing your time and watch how it do wonders in your life.