Strategies to Establish Yourself as the Go-To Realtor

In today’s market, acquiring listings can be challenging. However, with a disciplined prospecting plan, one can overcome this obstacle. Jeff Lobb is an international speaker and sales coach, founder of SparkTank Media, and REALTOR® for over 30 years. He emphasizes the importance of consistent Income Producing Activities (IPAs) to avoid detrimental effects on one’s business. Building a strategy, adopting the right mindset, and conquering fears associated with prospecting are crucial for you to be the go-to realtor in your market.

Strategies To Become a Go-To Realtor

Real estate agents should dedicate several hours each week to prospecting for new business, separate from follow-ups on existing leads. Jeff advises against sporadic mailers and emphasizes the need for a continuous prospecting approach. Today’s effective farming involves providing consumer value, such as offering home valuations, staging tips, or equity-building advice. Start by offering value and follow with a non-threatening call to action.

Building a comprehensive database and focusing on a specific target area are essential. Utilizing voice broadcasts and customized Facebook ads can efficiently reach the target audience. Specific examples include notifying renters about an open house for a first-time buyer’s dream property.

Effective Facebook ads play a crucial role in winning listings. Jeff suggests creating ads that quickly capture attention by offering something valuable, like a free staging valuation. Including the geographic location in the ad increases its appeal. Additionally, joining local community groups on Facebook, participating in business and school networks, and engaging with local businesses through a Facebook business page enhance exposure and networking opportunities.

When preparing for a listing presentation, agents must ensure its strength and relevance. Jeff emphasizes that sellers are interested in how an agent will market their home and get the job done, not just an agent’s credentials. Visual presentations showcasing past successes are essential in today’s visual-centric world.

Ultimately, obtaining listings is about building relationships and instilling confidence in homeowners. By becoming a specialist in their craft and targeting their market, agents can establish trust and experience success.