Staying Organized When Working Remotely

Even before nomad digital workers were a thing, real estate agents have been working out of the office most of the time. When working remotely, you need tips and tricks in staying organized to perform at your best peak. Working outside your office or home office allows you for flexible schedules and freedom of movement. Follow these tips to stay organized while working remotely.

Set your goals.

Initially, you need to know first what are your goals before your organize your tasks. Setting goals is one of the best ways to ensure that you will take the necessary actions to achieve them. Write down your short-term and long-term goals. These will help you identify which ones to prioritize, the steps needed, as well as to stay motivated and on track.

Create a work schedule.

When creating a work schedule, take into consideration when are the times you will be in an actual office/home office. List down the tasks you can only do while in office and prioritize these in your schedule before you head out. You can block Mondays and Tuesdays for listings, Wednesdays for showings, etc.

This time-blocking management hack also helps you organize and have a work-life balance for your family and hobbies. Moreover, you can create a block schedule throughout the week instead of incorporating everything into a single day.

If you prefer using digital calendars, you can use Google Calendar to create a comprehensive planner. The digital calendar uses different colors to indicate various types of events, has notifications and reminders, and can be efficiently sync to your email.

staying organized while working remotely
Invest in Digital Tools.

Manage your customers with the best CRM that is mobile-optimized. You may want to be able to take a lead phone call while you are in the car, easily pull up information, and input details into your CRM system while on-the-go. A CRM that is mobile-optimized will ease your transactions even when you are working remotely.

Another tool you need to invest on is a task management tool that help track your time spent on each project, manage your tasks, and makes collaborating with a team seamless. A task management tool can also automate any recurring tasks and allows you to access your data even with just a use of a mobile phone.

Finally, use social media management tools that where you can give updates on your latest showings, have a live an FB video question and answer section while you are on a site, or simply connecting and responding to your followers/potential clients’ comments and messages. Moreover, scheduling your posts can be a great practice if you will be working remotely where data is not available.

Minimize your office.

You wouldn’t want to bring along all your papers and hardware when you go out to work in a coffee shop to meet a client, right? Before setting off on working remotely, minimize your office. Ensure that you have created and organized a digital filing system on your laptop and is saved on a digital cloud for easy access. Try to mirror the categories you established for your paper filing system to your digital files. This way, all you need to bring is your phone, a laptop, and a power bank.

Keeping track of all the things you need to do and using digital applications can support your real estate business even if you are working outside your office and home office. A minimalist office is your initial step in staying organized and productive while working remotely.