Small Gestures That Impact Your Real Estate Business

Real Estate is not just a business, it is about relationships. You as a real estate agent is at the core of each successful transaction. Building a strong repeat and referral network plays a major part in growing your real estate business. And with small gestures that leave lasting impressions, your service and the connections you form are memorable to prompt clients to recommend you to their friends and family. Here are some small gestures you can do as a real estate agent.

Check In

Letting someone know that you are thinking of them is one way to be memorable. A text, call, or a handwritten card can go a long way.

Don’t let a special occasion pass without greeting them

Depending on your personality, don’t let a special occasion pass without a card or a phone call. Make sure to track your customer’s birthday, anniversary in the house, and other life events. Send a reminder so that each day you can see who to call or when a card is necessary.

Give a token of gratitude

Send your seller a bouquet of flowers as a token of your gratitude. Follow up with a handwritten thank you card. Your clients will be very appreciative of your gesture.

Be ready during house tours

When you take your buyers out to show properties, be ready and prepare a folder with printouts of all the properties that will be featured. Bring pens and blank paper for them to take notes.

For families who are with children, have clear bags filled with snacks, drink, and a few items to keep them busy like a crayons so that mom and dad can focus on the house.

Things like bringing cold water, hand sanitizers, offering umbrella when it’s raining can make big impressions. Always look for little ways to demonstrate that you’re always looking out for their best interests.

Other small gestures

  • Create a moving day basket full of fresh fruits and snacks
  • Throw a housewarming party where you invite the neighbors to meet the new owners
  • Take a photo of the house they just bought and frame it as a gift
  • Pay attention to your customers like and dislikes when thinking of a closing gift
  • Stay in touch with clients by sending extra tickets to local events
  • Be responsive. Return phone calls, text messages and emails as soon as you can.

People remember the little things. And the little things matter. Make an effort to truly care about people. By consistently making these small gestures will help propel your relationship forward in the real estate business.