Safety Tips for Real Estate Professionals

Your safety is a priority, and we want to ensure that you come home safely to your families. This month of September is Realtor Safety Month. Now and in the coming weeks, we will provide a compilation of safety tips for real estate professionals. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has prepared a 30-Day Safety Plan with available materials that will help promote Realtor Safety to members during this month.

Though you may have heard of horrific reports of physical attacks on real estate agents, it is more likely that real estate professionals will experience things like car accidents, slips, falls, robbery, identity theft, etc. The safety of real estate professionals is not just while on showings and open houses. Safety means protecting yourself and your clients from a wide range of possible problems. We must constantly discipline ourselves on the importance of safety.

safety tips

Safety Tips Video

This video was published by NAR’s REALTOR® Safety Program. The video highlights safety protocols that real estate professionals should apply to their daily routine and follow with every client, every day, every time.