New Year’s Resolutions for Real Estate Agents

2023 is almost here. New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents can be a great way for us to laser-focus our attention on our business. Read the ideas below and be inspired to come up with your own resolutions.

Persistently organize your day

To some agents, it is a struggle to organize their business. It may be due to lack of self-motivation or ideas how to be more productive. Remember Benjamin Franklin’s quotes: “By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail.” Ensuring that your day is planned ahead has a significant impact on how you will grow your business.

As a first step, build your schedule for the day. Spend some time at night to jot down how your schedule would look like for the next day. Make sure you stay organized and productive as you plan your day. Any appointments you have with a client should be the first priority. In between your appointments, fill it with activities such as doing lead generation, follow-up, responding to emails, or any admin tasks.

Update your social media presence

If you are not yet in social media, it’s about time you get on it. Your social media is one of the most effective tool for generating leads among agents.

But just posting listings on social media are not enough. You need to be sociable online and connect with people. When posting to your social media account, include your personality so that when people see your listings, they’ll remember you as the realtor they “know.” These viewers may reach out to you when they are ready to buy or will recommend you to their family and friends.

If you have been posting for a while, it may be a good idea to review your online brand and your social media strategy. One of the best resolutions for real estate agents is to schedule your social media posts ahead of time. Your regular presence on your social media network will strengthen your social proof online.

Network even when you are not ‘networking’

This coming new year, try to network all the time. You can “network” at your kids’ schools, at church, community events, etc. Connect with people on a deeper level by leaving a lasting impression. Join volunteer organizations, be active at your alumni, parent-led activities, and attend local events. The more you engage with people, the more your network will continuously increase.

In addition, invite people to follow you on Facebook and/or add them to your social media accounts.

Work on yourself

A lot of agents include adding another income stream on their business. It may take hard work to get a new income stream and if you are considering this route, continue to work on yourself. Continued education can help you add new skills and eventually assist you in adding a new income stream. You may learn from different forms, either free or paid classes. Start searching for webinars that you can attend virtually, listen to podcasts, attend local conferences, and set some time to read or watch tutorials about a CRM system, photo or video editing software, etc.

New Year’s resolutions are an important step to make changes for the better. But your consistency, dedication, and discipline to continuously improve will be a better gauge of your success in the years to come.