7 Realtor Safety Tips

Have you ever felt unsafe while performing your work as a real estate agent? Records show that criminal elements have targeted real estate in their crimes making us vulnerable to thieves and assault. September is Realtor Safety Month and the National Realtors Association and Florida Realtors Organization share with us seven safety tips for Realtors.

  1. Stay aware, especially in new environments.
realtor safety tips

2. If an email asks for private information like passwords, credit card numbers, or bank account info – it isn’t safe! Credible companies do not request private information this way. If you’re ever concerned, give them a call to confirm.

3. Always meet a client at the office first. Ensure to have the client fill out an information form and photocopy their valid identification.

4. Travel lightly. Make sure you keep your car keys and mobile phone with you at all times.

safety tips for realtors

5. Allow your clients to go first when touring a property. Prior to showing, make sure that you know the locations of all exits.

realtor safety tips

6. Empty boxes on the curb triggers an alarm to thieves. Make sure to cut down and place in a recycling bin any discarded box.


7. Whenever possible, take your own car to a showing. When you leave your car, always lock it.

safety tips

Our safety is our responsibility. There will be risks in our business but with proper preparation, being alert in our surroundings, and following guidelines and safety tips, we will be able to avoid untoward situations.