Real Estate YOUR Way

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Helping Real Estate Agent Podcast. Today we’re going to talk about doing real estate your way and how to think out of the box.  How you shouldn’t let other agents lump you into doing it their way. Now we’re not talking about anything illegal or immoral or even shady. What I’m talking about is fitting real estate into your life.

Real estate your way

So, if you want to be part-time and show a few houses a week and focus on your kids, think outside the box. Don’t listen to somebody who tells you that you have to be full time.  Be creative, but be realistic.  Real estate is a business and you’re going to get paid based on the value of what you bring to others minus your expenses. So you need to adjust a few things. You want to do some real estate that may not necessarily be full time. 

The other thing you have to look at when you’re trying to create a business that works around your life, is looking at the brokerage that you’re with. At the end of the day, you’re an agent for that broker and you need to make sure whatever you plan to do works with their plans. 

That’s one reason that I like the brokerage I’m with, because we have a full service plan, a 100% plan and we have a referral agent plan.  Depending on which plan you use, you may pay absolutely nothing or just a little bit of money on each deal, or you can get all the bells, whistles, tools and technology for their full service. This way you can stay with the same brokerage and make it work for you and where you are in that stage of your life. 

I changed brokers four times because I was learning real estate, figuring out what I needed, and of course dealing with some other things in my life. I had to be able to adjust real estate to me and sometimes I couldn’t do that with the brokerage that I was with. And that’s okay. You need to figure out where your stage is and what is going to work with you, then kind of look for the broker that will be able to adapt. The idea is that you are going to tailor your business to your life, not the other way around. 

One of the reasons I love real estate is that there’s a million ways to do it. At this point in my career,  training has taken a huge part of it, training and coaching and mentoring and, and marketing for leads for my team. That’s the role that I’ve taken because that’s what I decided I wanted to do after I spent a year of my life last year, fighting cancer.  

Throughout my career I was able to take that real estate license and tailor it to where I was in my life. So for example, I started off as a regular agent and then ran a small team.  When my daughter became chronically ill, about four or five years ago, I became a transaction coordinator with my license. I launched a transaction coordination company and then sold that. I was also a broker to over a hundred agents, a licensed real estate instructor, and I own a real estate school. Plus, I’m the director of the local realtor board. I’m a Director of Training for a real estate agency brokerage. So I do a lot of stuff, but I’ve tweaked it over the years and I’ve been able to make it work for what I needed in my life, all of it with that one license. 

So you can do real estate whether you want to be part-time full time or you just want to supplement your income a little bit. That’s one of the reasons that I started the community referral agent program. I’ll be talking a little bit more about that in the next coming weeks and days, but basically it was for those moms or dads or people who had full-time jobs or taking care of the kids who can’t run out the door to show a house to a buyer on that buyer schedule. Let’s be realistic. That’s really what you need. As a buyer’s agent today, you need that flexibility. Some people don’t have that flexibility, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your real estate license. It also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get your real estate license because as a referral agent, you can legally get paid real estate commissions and never leave your house.

I mean, how good is that? So the takeaway here is that real estate, as a business, it’s very flexible, and when you do it right, it pays really well. 

Who you work with, how you work, and when you work is your choice, you need to control your life. The most valuable thing in your life is your time. Don’t waste it, doing a business that is controlling you and making you miserable. You get one life, you may have many careers, but you get one life. So adjust your career and your business accordingly.