Real Estate Agents, Who is your Go To?

Helping Real Estate Agents Podcast 3/24/22

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I have been in many industries in my 40 years of “work life”!  Do NOT do the math, let’s just say I was working young.   Anyway, in all the businesses I’ve been in over the years I have found Real Estate the most interesting because it is always changing, there is never a dull moment, and you are always always learning.  On the negative side, it is also one of the most cut throat, stab someone in the back and play games industry out there.  Now luckily I haven’t seen it ALL, but I have read about a lot of it, and seen quite a bit when I was broker to over 100 agents.  So at the end of the day, any agent whether they have been in the business for 5 minutes, 5 months, or 5 years; NEEDS someone who has their back.  This episode is figuring out who is your GO TO, for different challenges that you will find yourself in real estate.

So let’s start with #1. Your broker.  This is your Go-To with contract problems, possible legal issues or complaints with your buyer, sellers, or other agents, in some brokerages you need to get your advertising approved through your broker.  Why? Because this is the person legally responsible for what you do.  You have a legal problem, they are being pulled into court with you.  Their license is on the line because of your actions, so of course, you are going to want to make sure you check in with them when you have problems. They are your boss.

So who else do you need as a Go-To?  Well to begin with you need a shoulder and a friend who may or may not be in the industry, but who is willing to listen.  Find that person who has a bottle of wine waiting for you, when you want to whine about just having to buy someone a washer and dryer cause the seller took the one they were supposed to leave and the buyer refused to sign without them.  In most of these situations, finding a fellow agent usually works best.  The only industry where I’ve heard stories worse than in real estate are nurses and paramedics.  Their stories actually beat out real estate horror stories. 

Anyway, Who else is your Go To?  Don’t forget your local Association, they have training and people who are ready to help you with issues like lock boxes.  I had a lock box on a house and it jammed up with the key inside.  The house was vacant and luckily I kept an extra key, so I was able to go and get them in for the showing, but my association gave me bolt cutters to get it off the door and replace it for free when I turned it in.  Don’t forget, your fees are paying for their help.

The other GO TO is your agent friends.  Please, please stop looking at all the other agents both in your brokerage and out as competitors.  Sure, you may occasionally compete over a listing, but in general, you can learn and support each other much more than you will lose by connecting with one another.  Tonight is my agent mastermind.  I started my first one over 6 years ago, and though I’m no longer with that brokerage, I hear it is still going on.  I do my new one with the Real Estate Professional network.  We share and brainstorm marketing strategies.  It is fabulous.  Last week a bunch of us went to lunch by the water and talked for 2 hours.  You need to have GO TO for business and a social aspect because if you don’t this business will burn you out and having others who you can count on to help you and hear you is priceless.