Real Estate Agents’ Growth Checklist

What would it take for you to completely change your life? There are several steps that can guarantee quicker progress, all achievable within the next year. Here is a growth checklist from Tom Ferry of essential things to help real estate agents. Success in this environment will belong to those agents who have addressed these key aspects before the year concludes.

Establish Your Morning and Evening Rituals

The manner in which you start each day shapes the conclusion of your year, and your nightly routine influences the start of each morning.

Tom Ferry shares his rituals with what he terms as MEDS:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Diet
  • Supplements

This routine infuses his day with energy, focus, and the mindset to manifest his chosen objectives. While I’m not a medical professional and cannot prescribe specific dietary or supplement plans, I have consulted with a prominent brain health expert. If you seek inspiration, I suggest checking out this episode in his podcast.

Select a Book for Reading and Make a Commitment

You don’t have to sift through the library to accelerate personal growth. In fact, consuming as many self-development books as possible in rapid succession might prove counterproductive. The objective is not merely to read a book for the sake of completion. The aim is to absorb information, let it incubate, and subsequently implement its lessons.

This principle is underscored by Wallace D. Wattles in “The Science of Getting Rich,” where he advises readers to concentrate solely on his system while actively applying the ideas. Diverging from this approach could lead to confusion and dilution of the concepts. Their advice isn’t to advocate for reading only one book throughout life. They read numerous books annually, including a substantial number of audiobooks. However, they allow intervals between readings to reflect on and process the acquired knowledge.

Considering the areas of life that require improvement, for your growth, you can select books that cater to those needs. Some recommended titles include:

  • “Raise Your Game”
  • “You, Happier”
  • “Dominant Thoughts”
  • “The Alter Ego Effect”
  • “Exactly What to Say”

Select an Event to Participate In

Attending events offers a unique experience of being surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of industry peers, sparking an unparalleled sense of motivation. It provides the chance to gain insights not shared elsewhere by leading figures in the field, establish lasting connections, cultivate a referral network spanning the nation, and fully immerse oneself in personal development for one or more days. Additionally, these events are known for being enjoyable and offer a great deal of fun for attendees.

Choose a Position to Fill

Whether an individual is a solo agent or already manages a team, a common long-term goal is often, “To have the freedom to step away from the business while still generating income.” Achieving this objective requires continuous growth.

Amidst news of job layoffs and predictions of more to come, the experienced professional with 30 years in the field suggests that now is not the time to cut resources. In challenging markets, companies that retain and continue to hire tend to emerge successfully. Consequently, their company is on a trajectory of rapid growth.

You are encouraged to assess your needs by asking, “What kind of help do I need most right now?” Options include hiring an assistant, transaction coordinator, buyers agent, operations manager, or marketing manager. Alternatively, you can tailor your choice to align with your specific requirements.

Choose the Right Time to Bring a Coach Onboard

In the pursuit of growth, one cannot thrive in isolation. Despite claims that personal growth comes solely from within, it is evident that mentors, teachers, communities, and supportive individuals play integral roles in fostering the desired internal growth.

The correlation between real estate agents working with the provided coaches and earning over 10 times the industry standard is not coincidental. The coaching involves direct, one-on-one guidance coupled with access to an extensive network of real estate resources worldwide.

To fulfill this requirement, the individual does not necessarily have to commit to getting a coach immediately. Instead, they are encouraged to determine the conditions under which they would be ready to take the leap. This could be when reaching the midpoint of Q2 without hiring someone, achieving a specific income level, falling short of business plan targets, or simply reaching the point where they feel “enough is enough.” Whatever the criterion, positive or challenging, a decision needs to be made.

In conclusion, embarking on the journey of professional and personal growth as a real estate agent demands a thoughtful and strategic approach. By diligently following the outlined growth checklist, individuals can position themselves for success in a dynamic and competitive industry. Whether it’s refining daily routines, attending key events, or considering when to enlist the guidance of a coach, each step contributes to the holistic development of a real estate professional. With commitment, adaptability, and a focus on continuous improvement, agents can navigate the evolving landscape, ensuring they not only meet but exceed their goals, ultimately thriving in the ever-changing world of real estate.