Overcoming the Holiday Season Objections

It’s November and you have probably experienced talking to a client from late October about listing their home. And once things start showing some promise, they put on hold the property until after the holidays. Tom Ferry and his guest, Tom Toole III, shares some tips on how to overcome holiday season objections.

Objection 1: “No one’s looking for homes right now.”

Here are three points you can make to overcome this objection:

  • There is lower inventory therefore less competition for your home
  • The buyers who are looking are serious buyers. People do not usually do this for fun this time of year
  • Since there are less competition and serious buyers are looking, this is a great opportunity to be one of the only options out there

Tom Toole: “I can tell you’ve been talking to other agents, because a lot of them are going to tell you that same thing. What I know is that the people that are looking during the holidays, they’re serious. They’re buying a home. And while less volume of homes sell, inventory is also lower. So there’s less competition for you, and when you’re the only option in town and people are losing out on houses and you’ve got serious buyers looking to do something, that’s the kind of situation you want to be in, right?”

Objection 2: “Won’t my home show better in the spring?”

An important point to make to your client is to let them understand that all buyers have a positive emotional response to a home. And the holidays is precisely the time of the year that is more emotional.

Tom Toole: “The home is going to show well no matter what, if you prep it properly, and we’ve got a service available to do that. It’s about buyers having the right emotional reaction when they walk through the door. And what’s more emotional than the holiday season? Being there with your family, envisioning your memories happening when you see the tree up, when you see the decorations there. So that sounds a lot more emotional to me than just some flowers in the flower bed, right?”

Objection 3: “I don’t want to move during the holidays.”

You can point out to your client that they don’t have to move during the holidays. The would probably move in January or February.

Tom Toole: “The great news is you won’t move. If you sell your home in December, you’re probably not closing until January or February anyway. So you can have your holidays there, do your family thing, which is really important – way more important than real estate – and still not have to disrupt yourself. You’re just getting the home sold and not dealing with that in January and February.”

Objection 4: “We don’t want people showing the home during the holidays.”

Tom Toole: “Well, no one’s going to go look at your home on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve. There’s a couple days that are going to be a little slower. That’s normal. But they also have more time off then, too, so they have that whole week off between Christmas and New Year’s. People have more time to look at properties. They can see it during the day. It gets darker out earlier during December and in the holiday season, so you’re really setting yourself up to have an easier time showing the home. And who doesn’t want easier showings, right?”

Though we can push during the holidays, do note that at a certain point, your client have made up their mind. And no amount of objection handling will change their decisions. You have to trust your gut and know when to let go. Pay attention to their feelings and look for cues if you are ticking them off. By listening effectively, you will be able to gauge your client. It’s always better to delay your deal with a client than to knock it down.

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