Organizing Your Real Estate Home Office

Real estate agents are always on the go between listing appointments, showings, closings, etc. In the past couple of years, a lot of professionals would opt to have their own real estate home office. The dining table, a corner office space, or a designated room, an agent must keep the workspace organized for better productivity. Here are some ideas on how you can organize your home office.

Keep your digital files organized

Your digital files are crucial in your business especially that you work remotely. You can either be at home, in the office, at a coffee shop, or meeting a client on a restaurant. Keeping your digital files organized not only cuts down on the pile of paper, it helps you be more effective and efficient in your tasks. It also decreases the chances of you losing an important file.

  • Create and maintain systems for digital file naming, folder organization, and storage.
  • When naming digital files, include key information such as the client name or property address, the type of document, and the date.
  • You can manage your file storage with a few key folders: listings, contract forms, clients, administrative. Afterwards, create subfolders for each heading so you can organize specific documents to each.
  • You may also use secure cloud storages like Google Drive or DropBox.
Keep your work desk clear

Nothing beats a clean desk to help you be more focused and organized in your work. A clear work desk lessens your stress, and increases efficiency and productivity in your real estate business.

  • From your file folders, take out only the folders you need and refile once finished. By following a clear desk process at your real estate office after each use, it keeps documents from getting lost.
  • A clear desk keeps work out of the way for quality time with family and pets.
  • End each day with your desk free of clutter.
Maintain an organized physical files

Though things may be digital nowadays, real estate business generates immense documentation papers. As an agent, you can organize your physical files by using storage boxes, shelves, and vertical file drawers. For everyday documents, have a ready-access folder that is close at hand with all these documents. You can place it under on top or a drawer under your desk. When it is needed to discard sensitive personal information, make sure to do it safely by using a shredder

Toss it when it’s time

One of the reasons why home offices get cluttered is that we don’t take time to throw things that are no longer needed. Take a few minutes to purge your home office of everything you are no longer using.

Keep your cable clutter under control

Too many cables lying around can be a tripping hazard for you and the people you live with. You can keep your cable clutter under control with these tips:

  • Get rid of electronic equipment you rarely or no longer use.
  • Use as many wireless devices as you can.
  • Use a USB hub which lets you plug several devices into your computer using just one USB cable.
  • Bind cables with cable ties, clips, Velcro wraps, or clamps.
  • Route wires where they can be behind your desk, against a wall, and away from open areas of the floor.