Mastering Schedule Management

Jake Thompson, Chief Encouragement Officer for Compete Every Day in Texas, urges individuals to reevaluate their approach to schedule management. Doing so can help take control of your time to achieve success. In his role, Jake has collaborated with numerous Realtors and identified the challenges of getting caught up in a reactive, fire-fighting mode within the dynamic real estate industry. He emphasizes the importance of creating daily systems and processes to regain control, serve customers effectively, and secure victories consistently.

One key strategy Jake recommends is allocating time each day, preferably around 3-4 PM, to write down priorities for the following day and time block the schedule. Despite the structured nature of this approach, he underscores the liberating aspect of discipline. He further emphasizes the need to prioritize tasks that align with personal and customer objectives rather than reacting to external demands.

Jake encourages individuals to reflect on their day, assessing whether they achieved their priorities and identifying lessons learned. This reflective practice contributes to self-awareness and ongoing improvement.

He introduces a sports psychology-inspired exercise, the “Stop, Start, Continue” review, to be conducted weekly. Participants evaluate the past five days. They identify activities that hindered business (to stop or delegate), actions benefiting customers (to continue), and personal achievements (to continue). By making incremental adjustments each week, individuals enhance their self-awareness and ultimately experience significant business growth.

Jake advocates for focusing on controlling the process rather than fixating on outcomes. He emphasizes that committing the plan to paper is effective, stressing that this commitment to the process will yield positive results to schedule management over time.