Tips for Following Up with Other Agents

Networking is an essential skill that real estate agents need to have. After an event, it helps to leverage the rapport you built during an event. Here are some tips for following up with other agents after an event. Let’s solidify your connections.

Handwritten Notes Before You Leave

When you’re amidst a sea of thousands of fellow agents at an event, how can you distinguish yourself? Well, the key is to initiate your follow-up as early as possible. Keeping yourself present in someone’s thoughts signals that you’ve entered their life genuinely and aren’t just appearing when you need something.

Recognize the importance of staying connected with the impressive individuals you meet. Gather all the business cards from those you encountered over the past few days and dedicated time to write personalized handwritten notes to each one. Deliver these notes to each person’s room before their departure.

Establish a Exclusive Referral Circle

You can’t predict where people will come from or where they’re headed. Therefore, the most effective approach is to gather all your connections in one central hub for the mutual benefit of everyone involved.

Consider forming a private Facebook group for agents nationwide to exchange referrals. Be inclusive and don’t exclude agents from your local area because a larger network benefits everyone. To ensure quick action on referrals, establish a “first-come, first-served” rule.

Following Up with an Email Within 48 Hours

After sending that heartfelt handwritten note, now it’s time to land in their inbox with a simple email:

  1. Express your pleasure at meeting them and your desire to stay connected.
  2. Reference a memorable topic from your conversation, prompting them to recall your interaction.
  3. Share your location and workplace to provide context.
  4. Articulate your intention to potentially assist them, ensuring your message comes across as genuinely helpful rather than sales-focused. Remember, this person is your new ally and friend. Let them know you’re open to sharing marketing materials for their feedback or even the possibility of creating a Mastermind group.

Stay Connected with Them on Social Media

This may seem like common sense, but it’s surprising how often people overlook it. Start by following their accounts. Leave straightforward comments like to serve as a reminder of your supportive presence and to engage with their content, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform.

Prepare for Another Gathering

This individual frequently attends events, demonstrating their commitment to learning, growth, and business development. Don’t overlook the chance to support each other in this journey. Reach out with a video message about a month after your initial meeting and inquire about their upcoming endeavors.

After you ask about their plans, share what you already have in the works. Consistently keep an eye out for the next opportunity to reconnect and further solidify your relationship.

Stay in Touch During Your Travels

Planning a family vacation away from home? Given your frequent attendance at various events and your network of agents, there’s a good chance you might have a connection in your destination.

Consider allocating a few hours one morning of your vacation to visit your new acquaintance’s office and engage with other agents there. This can transform one connection into multiple, and soon, you’ll be recognized in that office.