Finish This Year Strong

We have 4 months left before we end 2023. And whether you aim to finish this year strong or to establish a foundation for success in the next year, the present moment calls for action.

Be clear and precise about your desires

Merely stating “I want to finish this year strong” won’t suffice. Instead, it’s crucial to specify in explicit terms what that entails for you.

You must come to attain absolute clarity regarding your aspirations for the next 100 days.

Visualize it. Whether it involves reaching a particular count of finalized transactions, attaining a specific revenue target, or securing X number of listing appointments, one thing is certain: now is the time to achieve exceptional clarity and showcase it prominently. In your workspace, it should be immediately evident that you’re actively pursuing a prominently displayed objective.

What do you intend to achieve in the upcoming 100 days?

Reignite your motivation

Your mindset might have evolved significantly since you initially set your goals for the year.

This indicates the need to refresh your “why”—the driving force behind your efforts. What is your current source of motivation? Alternatively, asking the reverse question might propel you forward: What aspects are you now unwilling to tolerate?

Take some time to ponder on these questions and gain a precise understanding of the reasons driving your daily hard work. This inspiration will be essential for achieving greatness in the upcoming stretch of time.

Develop a straightforward strategy

An intricate strategy is not essential if you are sprinting the last quarter of the year. Rather, your focus should be on developing a straightforward plan that deconstructs the objectives you identified in the step above. This will help you determine the steps needed to attain them.

Ask the question: What approach will lead to my goal?

For instance, if you aim for 30 additional listing appointments, how many calls must you make daily to achieve that target?

Now is also the the time to proactively contact homeowners. Initiate conversations, establish connections, and provide information.

Monitor and Evaluate Your Progress

If your determination to achieve a goal is sincere, make it obvious for the world to see. Display it prominently so that everyone can see your direction and the extent of your progress.

Put simply, establish a type of scoreboard for your year-end target. This will help maintain your concentration on the necessary tasks for reaching that destination.

As you tick off items from your “to-do” list or notch another achievement on your scoreboard, you’ll experience a surge in momentum and a satisfying emotional boost.

Increase your responsibility and accountability

When you establish a goal and keep it private, how much stake do you genuinely have?

But, when you define a goal and promise someone something, you promptly inject a significant measure of accountability into the equation. Harness this heightened sense of accountability as motivation. Be it your coach, your broker or manager, a colleague, a reliable friend, your family, or your partner. Identify someone to confide in and who will uphold your commitment to your goals.

Start now and populate your calendar for the last quarter. Start by allocating periods of weekends and holidays throughout the remainder of the year. Then, allocate time for your customary routines like team meetings, and other work related to your business. You’ll soon realize that the number of workdays left in the year is less than what you imagined, adding urgency to your action. You have everything in your hands to finish strong this year and we are rooting for you.