Craft Attention-Grabbing Videos with a Six-Step Formula

To capture attention at the start of their listing videos, Megan Farrell has gone to great lengths – jumping into a pool fully clothed, riding a jet ski, and even playing in a children’s playhouse. Megan invites viewers to learn about a simple formula that boosts views on listing videos, emphasizing the importance of entertaining and informative content to build rapport with potential buyers.

6-Step Formula

Before, Megan used iPhone for videos now, they have a professional. Yet, the key isn’t just the camera quality; it’s the strategic approach. Here’s a six-step formula she learned:

1. Start with a hook: Grab attention in the first three seconds; this increases the likelihood of viewer engagement significantly. Her signature hook involves tapping on the camera, urging viewers to stop and see the house.

2. Craft a catchy intro: Introduce yourself and the property consistently for branding purposes. For Megan, they always begins with “Hey, it’s Meghan with the Meghan Farrell Team, brokered by eXp Realty,” followed by a brief property overview.

3. Highlight three key features: Focus on the most compelling aspects of the home. She shares that they showcase these with engaging visuals and concise descriptions.

4. Keep it short: Attention spans are short, so be brief and to the point. One or two sentences per feature is ideal.

5. End with a strong outro: Include a call to action, reminding viewers to contact you. She shares that they typically show a standout feature of the home and end with a friendly invitation to reach out.

6. Personalize the outro: Add a wave or personal touch to connect with viewers on a human level.

This formula may require some planning, but the payoff is increased engagement and more inquiries about your listings. By following these strategic steps, you can create compelling content that captivates your audience and drives action. Start implementing this formula today to see the impact on your video marketing efforts!