Build a Successful Business with these 9 Habits

Real estate agents should consider their practice not as a job, but as a small business. You are the owner of your business and need to think like one. International speaker, author, TV host, and master trainer with Ninja Selling Clara Capano shares these 9 habits a real estate agent should have in order to build a successful business with the mindset of a CEO.

CEOs do things differently than a salesperson or an ordinary employee. CEOs are strategic in what they focus on each day. They are very clear about the right steps they need to take. Clara expounds that in Ninja Selling there are nine habits for success. She emphasized that by carving out time for these actions, you can build a business with focus.

Daily Habits


Start the day with gratitude and practice saying positive affirmations. Every morning, take your time writing down what you are grateful for and collect some positive affirmations that speak to you. Read them daily.

Show up

 Show up both physically and mentally. Be prepared and ready to go. Understand what your day holds and stay on track for the day’s agenda.

Handwritten notes

In Clara’s experience, the handwritten note is a better tactic for building deeper relationships. Take the time to write three handwritten notes to customers, your peers, and industry acquaintances. Send these notes within two weeks following your conversation. You would want the value you are bringing to them be remembered.

Review your hotlist

The hotlist focuses on your business for the day. Who are the customers that you are working with today? This may be potential buyers and sellers. 

Next, review your warm list. This list consists of tomorrow’s business, your future pipeline. Who is having change in their world, like a new job or retirement? You can find this information on social media, or by calling these people. These are people who might soon need the help of a real estate professional in 6 to 12 months from now.

Weekly Habits

Carving out time to call your current clients and customers

These people are your active buyers and sellers, those who are under contract, and people who recently closed. This habit not only let’s you deliver amazing communication and service but you’re showing up to build trust. You will be that real estate agent that is their number one resource and that turns into referral business down the road.

Put together real estate reviews

Develop a mini market status review. Give your clients an update of what their home is worth and what the market is like. Clara recommends doing this once a year with past clients. Tip: If someone closed in August, every August, you meet in person with them to give them this market and pricing update. 

Plan to have 50 conversations with people

Clara shares that they call these live interviews. The reason they call it this is because you are asking them questions. With these interviews, you are building your skill of uncovering how you can help others. 

She further shares that they focus on the FORD principle. That stands for family, occupation, recreation and dreams. The principle is not about selling. It means that you are asking people about them and understanding what’s going on in their world. Magic happens when you talk with people. 

Update your database

Your database is the central nervous system for your business.  Clara stresses that as the CEO of your business, you should plan each day strategically. You need to understand that what you do today is going to show up in your business about 90 days from now.

When we shift our mindset and practice habits, our business will flow and thrive.

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