Build a Loyal Instagram Following

Ed Stulak, a sales associate at Real Broker in New Jersey, shares that in 2020, approximately 87% of his business originated directly from his Instagram account. In this article, we will dive into strategies for building a substantial and loyal Instagram following that will cultivate dedicated real estate enthusiasts.

Ed shares that one of his standout Instagram posts involved captioning a photo of himself: ‘Consider this a networking event – introduce yourself in a single sentence. Share your location and profession.’ This post garnered over 500 comments. Another post that reached over 500,000 views showcased him dancing. Why were these posts so well-received? They exuded authenticity. As of August 2021, his Instagram account boasts nearly 50,000 followers.

Here’s how you can enhance your follower count:

Avoid Overthinking Social Media

First and foremost, avoid overthinking social media.

Don’t treat it as an additional task. Instead, incorporate it into your existing role. Engaging on social media should bring you joy. Don’t hesitate to be genuine with your followers.

Are you at an open house? Have someone snap a photo of you in the kitchen and accompany it with a caption recounting a humorous incident of the day or sharing a tidbit about the day’s chaos.

Seek opportunities to post in everyday scenarios.

Rather than focusing solely on property details, provide insights into your personal life and the people around you.

Ed shares that all his posts revolve around real estate, yet they capture a day in the life of a real estate agent, eschewing direct promotions of his properties or himself.

Deliver value to your audience – this is how word of mouth spreads. If you’re actively engaged on social media, the impact will ripple outward.

Authenticity is Key

Next, a common inquiry Ed receives is regarding content creation – how do you generate content? How do you decide what to post?

Ed encourages others to study successful real estate agents’ Instagram accounts. What strategies do they employ? You can adapt some of these elements and infuse them with your unique style. In essence, borrow their ideas, tailor them to your approach, and establish your distinctive presence.

Authenticity is key. If you’re naturally laid-back, don’t suddenly post photos of yourself in formal attire. If you have a passion for fishing, showcase it on your Instagram. Perhaps you’re out fishing and stumble upon a waterfront property listed for sale. Capture an image of the house and craft a caption that describes the property while conveying your genuine enthusiasm. For instance: “Came across this beauty while fishing – had to put my rod aside for a quick snap of this stunning 4,000 sq ft home on the market. Absolutely love the spacious backyard!

Engage and Increase Loyal Instagram Following

Lastly, engage with your followers. Express your appreciation and support. Leave comments on their posts, send direct messages, and even make phone calls.

When someone reaches out to Ed, he dedicates the next few minutes to exploring their account. Who are they? What’s their background? Then, he sends an audio or video message saying, “Hi Sally, thank you for reaching out. I value your support. I noticed you’re located in a neighboring city. If there’s anything I can assist you with regarding Instagram, branding, or real estate, feel free to reach out. Sally, it’s a pleasure connecting with you!

Chances are, Sally will respond because he sent her a personalized message. Investing a few minutes in such interactions goes a long way. Therefore, interact personally with your followers, promptly reply to messages, invest time in understanding their profiles, and reciprocate by following them back. Like and comment on their posts. It’s that straightforward.

Instagram has drawn a substantial user base. Rather than merely scrolling through others’ content, contribute your own. Be consistent – aim for one post daily or every few days. Showcase your hobbies, personality, and commitment to real estate. By doing so, you’ll attract Instagram loyal following organically.