Boost Your Process for Relocation Buyers

A significant surge in growth in a city, attracts a considerable influx of newcomers from out of state. In this dynamic real estate landscape, Khani Zulu excels at ensuring these relocating buyers feel at ease and empowered as they embark on their journey to new homes. In this interview, shared her ingenious approach, featuring tailored questionnaires, harnessing cutting-edge technology to its fullest potential, and optimizing her interactions with relocation buyers. However, what truly sets her apart is her distinctive philosophy of examining every transaction from an investor’s perspective. This interview with Khani shares her unique insights to boost your process for relocation buyers.

Strong Buyer Consultation Prep.

She shares that she uses questionnaires, talk about the market, its pulse and stats. Khani approaches each transaction though an investor’s eyes even if it is something that the client is planning on moving his family. She expounds on talking to clients about the return on investment.

Be the tour guide.

It is important with relocation buyers for you to be their tour guide. They are shopping virtually and need you to guide them. She shares that they jump on Zoom, pull up a map of Austin, and give her clients a virtual tour before they even get there. And when her clients get to Austin, she gives a driving tour.

She suggests that go tour some houses with the Buyer via Facetime or Video them. Put the camera on the car dashboard as you drive around the neighborhoods as you give narration on the area.

Big questions to ask in the questionnaire.

A big part of her Khani’s buyer process is having them fill out a buyer questionnaire. She goes way beyond the beds and baths and updates. In the questionnaire it has forward questions like family occupation, recreation, and dreams. She believes that these information will tell her what part of town is going to be the best suit their needs. Other questions would include if they are working from him, how many kids they have, or if they have hobbies. Once she gathers all of that information, she pulls up neighborhood information and a relocation guide.

Get a deeper dive on your buyer’s dream lifestyle. Khani added that this would help you paint a picture of maybe the ideal communities in the part of town that they want to best be on.

Maximizing time with Buyers.

Most of the clients come to the area and only have 1-2 days to look for properties and maximizing their time is important. Khani shares that she help them narrow things down as much as possible. Moreover, she believes that only the Buyer can pick the best neighborhood since it depends on their life experiences and perception. Hence, she goes to show the Buyer the neighborhood as she drives around.

Khani’s 2-phase system for maximizing time with buyers:

  • Once they arrive, she meets with them at a coffee shop. She sets up a driving tour and send them on their way. Khani gives them some local hot spots to stop at along the way. And usually that morning or day one is their self-exploration. Then from there they’ve narrowed down neighborhoods
  • The second part is when they look at some houses.

Through the Eyes of an Investor

Khani shares that people perk up when she talks to them about their new home as an investment. Most especially the younger generation who are keen on investment, stock market, crypto, and real estate market. They enjoy these conversations. This interest of the client gives her an opportunity to talk about the appreciation and projection of the market. From there, a lot of times, that makes their decision and gets the client’s wheels turning about the possibility of owning more than one house.