Book More Appointments with Confidence

We all know how important for agents to make appointment settings a part of his daily routine. It’s easier than done and there may be days when you just don’t have the energy and mood to pick up the phone and make calls. In this article, you will learn three powerful tips to boost your confidence that will help you book more appointments.

Get in the Right Focus

The more attention you direct towards something, the more it tends to grow. This principle underscores the importance of channeling your concentration effectively prior to commencing an appointment setting session.

Immersed in the present task and radiating self-assurance. Now, you might wonder how to achieve this state. First, examine a selection of your recent great reviews. Then, remind yourself of your expertise in this field and your status as the prime solution for addressing the challenges encountered by buyers and sellers within your market.

Moreover, try to ponder on these to help you with your focus:

  • Imagine if today turned out to be the most outstanding day of phone calls I’ve ever experienced.
  • Picture a scenario where I secure a greater number of appointments than ever before.
  • What specific actions do I need to take in order to schedule three appointments within the next 90 minutes? Which contact should I dial first?

The primary purpose of aligning yourself with the correct focus is to energize your mentality and adopt the appropriate mindset. Negativity and uncertainty can swiftly undermine any session dedicated to appointment setting. On the contrary, optimism and self-assurance will amplify its impact.

Ultimately, the decision rests with you. Choose to immerse yourself in the right focus and witness a remarkable surge in your performance that will eventually help you book more appointments.

Put Your Body in Motion

When your body engages in movement, your mind follows suit. Here’s how this principle applies to you: Each time you pick up that phone and dial a new number, you’re essentially stepping into the spotlight yourself. It’s your time to shine. Thus, you must be fully prepared.

Creating that high-energy state before you initiate a call is immensely crucial.

When you synchronize your mental focus and physical energy, instinctual forces will kick in and guide you toward a successful outcome.

You should discover an activity that resonates with you, one that sets your body in motion, invigorates your circulation, and uplifts your spirits.

Unless you’re a robot, you’ll undoubtedly experience a noticeable transformation throughout your entire being when you engage your body in a potent manner.

With physicality also comes another crucial consideration: sitting or standing? As suggested by mentors, it’s all about standing upright, projecting confidence, and having the freedom to move seamlessly. This puts you in the optimal mental and physical state to perform at your peak.

Set Your Intentions

Embarking on a journey without a clear destination in sight is seldom a wise approach. Therefore, before you even consider dialing that phone, it is important to establish your intentions.

Decide on the number of appointments within a specific timeframe. For instance, “Today, my aim is to secure three appointments in the next 120 minutes.” Then gradually raise the bar with your objectives as each day unfolds. Constantly heighten your expectations in tandem with the enhancement of your skills.

Additionally, incorporate weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals that you strive to achieve.

Finally, it would help your business if you have a mantra that would signal your schedule before picking up the phone. Here’s a sample you can use: “I hereby direct both my conscious and subconscious mind to grant me the skills, talent, capability, humor, and knowledge – whatever is essential – to engage and motivate these soon-to-be clients to take immediate action.”

A crucial step towards aiming to enhance your profitability is to book more appointments. We hope that these tips encouraged you to pick up that phone and reach for your goals for your business.